Upholstery World are experienced in all types of internal furniture from a single bar-stool to side-chair to large 3 or 4 piece lounge suits and ottomans. Upholstery World do the full restoration if required which includes new seat foams, back foams, or springs etc.

They also do woodwork repairs and re-staining of woodwork if required. By recovering household furniture, we can completely change the “feel” of the room and end up having a nice comfortable piece of furniture again. Please check with the consultant as to what will be the best type of fabric for the item you are wanting to recover. Sometimes changing to a completely different colour or pattern of fabric — may not always work. The Upholstery World consultants know what works…and what doesn’t. Their explanation of the “gelling” of fabric with the item, is important because you will get a feel for the finished item. Often if buttons or piping are being used, you need to be aware of what it will look like with the fabric you have chosen. The Upholstery World consultants will safely guide you in this area. Insurance work is regularly undertaken and in quick time.