Upholstery World are APPROVED sellers and applicators of the world renowned fabric protection product called MICROSEAL. Upholstery World are able to protect the fabric on your furniture, your carpet, your curtains, bedheads, ottomans and even your motor vehicle….whether it be seats covered with fabric or leather.

micro-sealThe MICROSEAL protector is born from the latest technology and it’s so user friendly and once it’s in the fabric (or leather) it STAYS there. Applications can be done in the home with some ventilation and needs to be able to have a couple of hours to dry and be absorbed into the fabric. Even washing an item will not weaken or diminish the effectiveness of this product. This product just has to be seen to be believed and once you’ve invested in MICROSEAL you will always want it for future needs. Our consultants are able to price any job for you…from a bar-stool to a whole house lot of carpet and curtains etc. The application can be done at the factory or at the home or work-place. We call it the “invisible clean” which makes any soiling marks in the future…just come off with ease.