Automotive Upholstery

Upholstery World are experienced in all types of repair and recovery and that includes the AUTOMOTIVE industry. From cars to boats to planes….Upholstery WORLD has done it all. Motor vehicle seats need the occasional rip repaired and sometimes the seats lose their firmness and Upholstery World can rectify this too. Hot Rods and Vintage cars are not forgotten either. Upholstery World have been restoring vehicles for many years and their experience will ensure that your auto or motor bike or boat, is in safe hands. From yacht squabs to captain’s chairs on sea going ships, Upholstery World have done it all and are well skilled to ensure that your auto or water craft gets special and skilled attention.

Yes we also work on Helicopters, from seats to full refurbishment, we can do it all. Whether it be leather, fabric or sheepskins, we do it with pride.

Upholstery World are experienced in making covers and ute covers and have even make aeroplane covers for planes being imported into the country. Caravan squabs are quickly and easily refurbished with a firm foam that will make sure you get a good night’s sleep. With so many different density’s and types of foam available, you need to check with Upholstery World to make sure you get the correct foam — for the right job.


Commercial Upholstery

Upholstery World are experienced in all types of repair and recovery and the making of new seating for cafes and restaurants etc. Upholstery World have vast experience with all types of commercial work from the local hotel to Casinos.

Whether it be leather, fabric or vinyl, Upholstery World are able to ensure that your commercial work is well looked after and they will endeavour to work to your “quite hours” Upholstery World are able to design your seating requirements to ensure that they are easily removed — should they need repair. Design of furniture for quick installation and removal, is very important for many commercial premises. Upholstery World will also keep fabric available for you if you need a quick turn-a-round for repair work. Upholstery World source well priced fabric and foam so that they are competitive on price and use of their in-house interior designer is a plus. For all types of commercial upholstery work, Upholstery World are 2nd to none. Screens for banks, seating for cafes, nightclubs etc? Call the staff at Upholstery World.


Antiques Upholstery

Upholstery World are experienced in all types of furniture including ANTIQUES which need to be repaired or restored with skill and care.

Your antique items are safe in the hands of Upholstery World as they have access to genuine parts that will restore your special piece of furniture. The staff they employ really know their trade and how important it is to do the job right…in the 1st place. Even loose joints or replacement parts can be arranged as well as stripping the old stain or polish off the wood and re-doing the staining to make it look like an antique again.

Antique furniture have their own make-up and its usually springs and webbing and hessian and horse-hair and some foam.
It is imperative that the chair itself is sturdy and has now loose joints or broken wooden rails etc.

Deep buttoning is a skill in itself and you can trust Upholstery World to make sure that your item looks awesome.
Leather is a premium covering and there are many colours and shades of leather and not to mention the grain. Leather has its own feel and “stretch” along with the unmistakeable scent of the leather hide itself. Hides also have its own natural marks and flaws which is inherent with leather.

Don’t forget to use the leather protector of MICROSEAL which will make your new leather item so easy to keep clean and like new. MICROSEAL works fantastic on leather and don’t forget the cars leather.


Furniture Upholstery

Upholstery World are experienced in all types of internal furniture from a single bar-stool to side-chair to large 3 or 4 piece lounge suits and ottomans. Upholstery World do the full restoration if required which includes new seat foams, back foams, or springs etc.

They also do woodwork repairs and re-staining of woodwork if required. By recovering household furniture, we can completely change the “feel” of the room and end up having a nice comfortable piece of furniture again. Please check with the consultant as to what will be the best type of fabric for the item you are wanting to recover. Sometimes changing to a completely different colour or pattern of fabric — may not always work. The Upholstery World consultants know what works…and what doesn’t. Their explanation of the “gelling” of fabric with the item, is important because you will get a feel for the finished item. Often if buttons or piping are being used, you need to be aware of what it will look like with the fabric you have chosen. The Upholstery World consultants will safely guide you in this area. Insurance work is regularly undertaken and in quick time.